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New Record Top 10 Khmer Biggest FB Groups by 20 Dec 12

There are hundreds of Facebook groups created by FB users, we noted there are a lot of groups have been created for different purposes. But when you want to know which group has the largest members in the Groups there are not so many.

Here are the top 10 Khmer FB Groups, new record by 20 December 2012.

No Name of Group Members in Group
1 CTH Fun CLuB                       401,397
2 ** CLuB Chat CLicK CTH**                       343,771
3 Chea Tong Hour ( CTH )                       340,178
4 ពត៌មានសង្គម/Social News                       248,096
5 ផ្សព្វផ្សាយពាណិជ្ជកម្មដោយសេរី/Free Advertisement                       214,301
6 JROONG.com Cambodia Buy & Sell online                       200,553
7 Cambodia IT Solutions                       200,470
8 Chhay Fan Club                       187,277
9 ♫♫Photos Champion/ជើងឯករូបថត♫♫                       182,749
10 Samol Govinda Fan Club                       181,134

If we total all these top 10 group, the total members will be amounting to 2.5 millions. So if you wish to share your information, products or services, you can just share with these 10 biggest groups in just a minutes. So that your information will reach the users account in a minute too.

This is the power of technology and Social Network in modern technology.

Have you joint these groups yet, if not why not joint them now! Starting to share what you want to share! Cheer!

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