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Top 10 Khmer Biggest Groups in Facebook

You always use Facebook and have joined many group but you do not know which group is the biggest groups that was created by Khmer. You will ask what is the top 10 Khmer Biggest Groups in Cambodia? Here are all the top 10 biggest groups in Cambodia.

If you are business owner and you want to advertise your products and service or you want to share information about your achievements or other announcements. You want to make sure that the products, services or information will be shared fast among Khmer Facebook Users within a minute. If you have shared or join in these groups you can make an announcement about your products and services to a total number of Khmer Facebook Users Accounts up to 2,220,935 users' accounts.

It really amazing just only 10 clicks to post into 10 biggest groups can make your products or services reach to more than 2 millions Facebook user accounts. Please join these groups if you have not joint! It cheap and there is no cost for your advertising! Only you have your internet connection is done!

No. Name of Khmer Biggest Groups in Facebook # Members
1 CTH Fun CLuB 334,424
2 Chea Tong Hour ( CTH ) 305,559
3 ** CLuB Chat CLicK CTH** 279,440
4 ពត៌មានសង្គម/Social News 220,854
5 ផ្សព្វផ្សាយពាណិជ្ជកម្មដោយសេរី/Free Advertisement 189,697
6 Chhay Fan Club 182,527
7 ♫♫Photos Champion/ជើងឯករូបថត♫♫ 181,375
8 Club Chat Students 180,592
9 Club Chat Stars 178,381
10 Samol Govinda Fan Club 168,086

The member of the group will continue to increase from time to time. This number is the updated amount for the month of October 2012.

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